Serenity House.

:Serenity Recovery House mission is to support, celebrate and  women in all stages of recovery by creating a safe place where women can develop resources that will support continuous recovery, end homelessness and positively impact the lives of their families and community. 
Serenity House is a Level II Recovery House. We provide an alcohol and drug-free living environment for women who have experienced substance abuse disorders, domestic violence and other related issues. Serenity House is Peer-led, a democratically run home that includes community/house meetings, on-site and off-site support groups, support services including life-skill development,  budgeting, and employment skills. and referrals to outside clinical services.  Service are developed and created individually for each client based on need and stage of recovery. We encourage free thinking, positive behaviors and affirming other women.
For more information contact Sharon Davis @ 206-567-6236 or Yvonne Thomas 317=501=7209